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Q.       Do you offer chiropractic?
Ans.  There is not a single institute
 in Pakistan that offers Doctor of Chiropractic program. We do not offer chiropractic and also suggest our patients to be aware of FALSE CLAIMS.
A chiropractor MUST hold a Doctor of Chiropractor (DC) degree and must be licensed to practice. Patients are advised to educate themselves well and make sure if the practitioner is reasonably safe since chiropractic adjustments if performed without skill can cause lifelong injuries and even worse. 

Q.  What is a joint /spinal manipulation?
Ans. Dr. Noman Hussain(PT) is an expert in performing joint/spinal manipulations. These are quick controlled movement beyond the normal physiological range of a joint, performed to get quick pain relief and improving mobility of the restricted joints.

Spinal manipulations are very similar to the chiropractic adjustments and requires a highest degree of training and competence. It is one of the rostered activities in Canada (means a physiotherapist can not perform this controlled act without specialized training) and also it must be reported to the regulatory college.
This is to make sure that the pat
ients are safe with these procedures. 
Dr. Noman has completed Level 5 of the Fellowship Program of the Orthopedic Division of Canadian Physiotherapy Association which is considered the highest level of training in Canada. He had been
performed spinal and joint manipulations on thousands of patients safely and effectively.

Q. What is the difference between Acupuncture, Dry Needling and GUNN IMS?
Ans. Acupuncture is the traditional Chinese way of using small, thin filiform 
needles to treat health conditions.
          Dry need
ling is a needling technique to treat myofascial trigger points in the muscles and tendons,

        GUNN IMS (Intra muscular Stimulation)  is a highly specialized form of needling that uses a whole system of neuropathic assessment and treatment of chronic ,
        recurring pains.


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