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At CAMPS Physiotherapy, we not only provide the best physiotherapy in Karachi but also aim to provide a complete solution to your overall wellbeing. Weight loss has become a major health concern lately and can lead to joint pains, muscle injuries, diabetes, and other serious health issues.

The patients at CAMPS physiotherapy often require special diet plans to manage their dietary needs. Obesity is also a major cause of knee osteoarthritis and greatly affects the quality of life in a large population today.
In addition to our physiotherapy, massage therapy services, and neurology
services, we are now offering a weight loss clinic. Teamed up with Rabia Anwar, we make sure our patients receive a full range of services needed for their wellness needs.

Rabia Anwar is the top nutritionist and dietician of Pakistan and helped thousands of patients with their nutritional problems. Rabia has served in Pakistan Navy for most of her carrier and she is also a certified CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapist). People having difficulties with eating disorders or other similar issues can greatly benefit from Rabia's one-on-one approach.

Rabia creates customized diet plans that not only help you cut down extra pounds but also fulfill nutritional deficits like calcium and Vitamin D deficiency. She also takes into account if you have special dietary needs like diabetes or high cholesterol and adjust your meal plans to meet your goals.

You should CALL 0331-3322677 TODAY to book an appointment with Rabia Anwar if your want to lose weight or have special dietary needs.


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